SUPOWER® Loose Tenon Joinery Jig
SUPOWER® Loose Tenon Joinery Jig
SUPOWER® Loose Tenon Joinery Jig
SUPOWER® Loose Tenon Joinery Jig
SUPOWER® Loose Tenon Joinery Jig
SUPOWER® Loose Tenon Joinery Jig
SUPOWER® Loose Tenon Joinery Jig

SUPOWER® Loose Tenon Joinery Jig

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SUPOWER® Loose Tenon Joinery Jig

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Loose tenon joinery fixture has a powerful precision drilling function, so that the fit between the mortise and tenon is accurate enough, and it is widely used in furniture design and woodwork.

Add in the ability to align the mortise at an angle to the stock, take away the 4-digit price tag normally associated with loose tenons and you have newest tool, the Loose Tenon Joinery Jig.
7 Different Standard Mortises
Uses one template and different combinations of template guide bushings and router bits to make the 7 different standard mortises for loose tenons, 4mm, 5mm, 6mm, 8mm, 10mm, 12mm and 14mm.

Accuracy And Precision
Accuracy and precision make for great mortises, offering precisely milled tenon stock in multiple species of wood specifically shaped for exposed joinery. It is machined from stainless steel and anodized aluminum for a lifetime of reliable, rust-free performance.

Easy To Use
1) Just put the right router bit and guide bushing combination in your plunge router, align the index marks in the template with the centerlines of your mortise and rout away.
2) You have infinite control of the depth of your mortise (within the limits of your router bit).
3) For the decorative look of exposed tenons, just set your depth of cut to rout completely through your material.

Index Pins
Index pins centered on the mortise template make it simple to keep the ends of joining pieces matched up perfectly. Just keep the outside faces against the reference edge and the end of your stock against the index pin and your joints will come out flawlessly.
The index pins also make projects like louvers easy…just drop the pin in the previously milled mortise and cut the next one.

Applicable To Any Angle
The template can be rotated in the sliding base to cut the mortise at any angle relative to your stock. This feature opens up design opportunities in chair and stool construction, as well as louvered doors and screens.

Loose Tenon Joinery Jig × 1
Guide Bushings × 4

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